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Welcome to Seenu Transports Pvt Ltd.

We start our business

Our parent company Seenu Tourist Service was established in 1970.

Mr. V.Srinivasan has conceived and constructed this company. He has been in the field of surface transport for around 55 years He was the first person to be awarded the CONTRACT carriage bus permit from the Tamilnadu Government. He was also among the first 25 operators in Tamilnadu to receive the All India tourist bus permit. He has held the post of Vice President/Secretary for the Omni bus operators association. He was catering super delux coaches for foreign tourists before the birth of Tamilnadu tourism. He was recognized in weekly journals like Kalki and Ithayam. He has therefore brings enormous EXPERIENCE to achieve in providing best services in surface transport.


Mrs. P.Selvi daughter of the proprietor has been with the company for more than 32 years and her continuous efforts have resulted in providing superlative transportation services throughout India. After June 3 rd. 2021 Mrs. P.Selvi has taken over all operation and administration and extended their services in Hyderabad and Pune still lot more in the pipeline.

All levels of Employees starting from Branch manager to loaders including booking and delivers staff, Accounts staff their goal is to provide the most efficient service to our customers and their EFFICIENCY in provided integrated services has sustained our customer base.

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Our History


This is Seenu Transports promise to our customers. We have been providing cost competitive solutions to your transportation needs for past 55 years. With 24 branches within Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Puduchery, Telangana and Maharashtra our priority is to provide experience and expertise to solve logistics solutions and to move your goods from origin to destination safely and swiftly.

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